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Supporting transformation that centers collaboration, relationships, collective liberation, and creativity.

What We Do

We are committed to co-creating work that nourishes, heals, and moves us into a world we will be proud to pass on to our children. Local Concepts supports clients from a range of sectors and scales, and customizes services based on their unique circumstances & needs.

Our Services

Network Design & Development​

Global transformations require seismic shifts in the way we work and live together. Collaborative models, more inclusive processes, and shared leadership are critical as we evolve. Our most complex problems require those with common goals and values to connect, share, imagine, communicate, and co-create responsive and resilient systems that serve the needs of all. We help clients to work better together across sectors, geographies, and all of the dimensions of identity to improve a range of social and environmental outcomes. We believe in the power of intentionally designed networks to collectively shape shared vision into reality.

“You have graciously and gracefully shepherded us all through the uncharted waters. My appreciation for you is immense…it is really hard to keep us all on track, trying to tease out the way we want to move forward while using your leadership skills to gently push us onward. I appreciate your vision for what we can become. Thank you for being there to support us and lead us!”
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Greetings! Welcome to Our Website!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share what we’re working on with you. We hold deep gratitude for our network of clients who care deeply about stewarding the environment and working together to make communities stronger. We are excited about the transformative projects we’re supporting with clients; networks who want to advance environmental literacy across the Mid-Atlantic or improve health outcomes in the New River Valley of Virginia. Networks interested in systems change and more coordinated efforts towards shared outcomes. Clients who need guidance…

Recent Projects

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North American Association for Environmental Education

Local Concepts facilitated and co-designed weekly co-chair meetings, monthly working group/advisory group meetings, and an NAAEE Affiliate Network national workshop to inform the development of their shared work plan.
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Regional Outdoor Learning Network

Local Concepts began working on the project in 2020 to first assess stakeholder needs and goals through interviews and focus groups. Local Concepts was re-hired to provide network mindset training, coordinate network activities and facilitate a year-long process to bridge and strengthen …
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Chesapeake Bay Funders Network

Local Concepts was hired to assess the network’s assets and growth areas as well as member priorities and ideas for strengthening the network, and provide recommendations and training based on findings.

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