About Us

Founder, Christy Gabbard, established Local Concepts LLC in 2012, envisioning a place of work for consultants that was uplifting, supportive, flexible, child & family-friendly, and creative; a professional home where efforts could be focused to support communities, multi-sector initiatives, organizations, networks, and businesses who seek transformative change.

Challenging times present us with opportunities to co-create new ways of being and working together. Some of the most vexing challenges facing society – environmental degradation, climate change, social injustices – defy simple solutions; they require broad vision, deep collaboration, and many voices at the table. We are called to bridge divides and leverage relationships and resources to drive transformation at personal, organizational, and systemic levels. We do this through deep and active listening, a focus on relationship-building, an active commitment to living our value system, and respect for the work our clients are engaged in every single day. 

Our Shared Values

This is Us

Christy Gabbard and Family

Christy Gabbard

Christy Gabbard has over twenty years of experience network building in the fields of agriculture, local food systems, and natural resources. Gabbard has a long record of successful projects, programs, and collaboratives she’s helped to steward. Her skilled facilitation and thoughtful, strategic mind grow from her active listening skills and her dedication to her clients and the communities they serve. Christy has also raised over a million dollars for clients engaged in transformative work across the food system as well as other sectors. She holds a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences from Virginia Tech and a MS in Wildlife Management from West Virginia University.

Christy calls the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest VA home. Outside of work, Christy has a passion for family, the environment, tennis, and good food. If she is not behind her computer working, she’s kayaking, walking the mountains with her family, playing tennis, or at the kitchen table enjoying a fresh, home-cooked meal.
Sonia Keiner and Family

Sonia Keiner

Sonia Keiner has worked at the intersection of social justice, food justice, education, and the arts since 2001. She has built a diverse skill set including grant-writing, community building/organizing, programming, communications & outreach, and organizational & network development. Sonia holds a BS in Psychology from Towson University and a MA in Education Policy & Leadership from the University of Maryland, College Park. As a seasoned photographer and creative, she is especially interested in new media, designing information for beauty and accessibility, and visual storytelling for social change. A permaculture practitioner, Sonia lives in Bowie, MD and loves to grow herbs, flowers, fruit, and veggies when she’s not working or playing with her family.

Together we can accelerate the pace of change.

Local Concepts offers a suite of customized services to ensure your goals are met. We will help you magnify your impact. Contact us to discuss your vision. 

“I see you as the most brilliant example of shared leadership I’ve ever had the privilege to witness. I’m grateful for each of you and to you for many things that are grounded in your nurturing, welcoming, encouraging, supportive and collaborative ways. You are both generous teachers and leaders. You’ve raised the bar and helped me raise my bar. Because of you I strive to model the amazing gifts you bring to our great big table.”