Regional Outdoor Learning Network

The Regional Outdoor Learning Network is a multi-state network development initiative funded by NOAA and the Chesapeake Bay Trust designed to advance systemic and equitable environmental literacy efforts across the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Local Concepts began working on the project in 2020 to first assess stakeholder needs and goals through interviews and focus groups.  Local Concepts was re-hired to provide network mindset training, coordinate network activities and facilitate a year-long process to bridge and strengthen existing networks of formal and nonformal environmental educators in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.  As part of the process for bridging the state networks, Local Concepts supported each state‚Äôs development of a Network Intentions document, which describes the network vision, purpose, and participants, and serves as a foundation for developing Network Operating Procedures. Local Concepts continues to work with the initiative to provide training and capacity building for network designers and network weavers in each state.

Check out an example storyboard Local Concepts created for each state to document their collaborative work.