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Network Design, Development & Management

Local Concepts envisions a culture where people across organizations and sectors work more collaboratively and strategically to solve some of our most intractable problems. We believe intentionally designed and thoughtfully managed networks have the power to drive change around complex issues by bringing diverse groups of people together who share a similar purpose and values. In order to achieve the greatest impact in our communities and to shift the systemic conditions holding problems in place, we must come together across sectors to do it.

We see ourselves not only as network organizers, but as community builders consciously co-creating a culture rooted in shared values. We’ve helped build networks from the ground-up and bolstered networks already in motion.

Are you thinking about starting a network? We can work with you to design an assessment for your community of stakeholders to make important decisions and to help you get started. We can provide a range of services depending on your needs, from supporting the creation of a network charter to facilitating convenings, assessing communication(s) gaps and needs, designing meetings and other gatherings, and much more.

Is your network already in motion or at a critical evolution point? We can help identify gaps and opportunities for growth, design training for your leadership and other network participants, facilitate strategy sessions and more.

Our Network Services Include:
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Visit our portfolio to learn more about our network-building projects.

Check out our blog to learn more about our commitment to process in network building.

Strategic Planning

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Balancing strategic planning with emergence is a dynamic tension we lean into with our clients. Overplanning can stifle flexibility and ignore emerging needs and opportunities; under planning can leave stakeholders unclear about the shared outcomes they are working towards, and the priorities, goals and strategies that will get them there.  We work to strike a balance so that both sides of this dynamic tension can be leveraged to light a path forward with inclusive, creative facilitated processes.   

Visit our portfolio to learn more about recent strategic planning work.


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Internal and external communication and communications (the systems and technology through which communication is deployed) are critical components of any strong team, no matter the sector, size or structure of the organization and network. We help clients do everything from developing a strategic communications plan to creating videos and infographics that help drive home a message. We’ve helped clients implement new processes and tools, and developed training sessions and Standard Operating Procedures to support adoption. We’ve conducted focus groups and community feedback sessions to inform brand identity and strategic messaging. We create customized promotional toolkits for use across social media platforms and more. Need to step up your communication(s) game? We’d love to help.

Visit our portfolio to learn more about recent communication(s) work.

We customize our services to meet your unique needs.

“Thank you SO much…I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work and thoughtfulness you have put into this project. We seriously couldn’t have done this growth without you.”